Cannabis and Psychosis receives MHCC Award

The Cannabis and Psychosis project was selected to receive The Mental Health Commission of Canada's Research Award. The award was announced Oct 16th, 2012, at an ceremony in Ottawa, Ontario.

The (MHCC) 5th Anniversary National Mental Health Awards were created to recognize initiatives across Canada that are contributing to improving mental health. The awards coincide with the half way point in the Commission’s 10-year mandate.

The organizations behind these initiatives have demonstrated leadership, creativity and commitment in the advancement of our collective understanding of mental health problems and illnesses.

The MHCC’s 5th Anniversary National Mental Health Awards are designed to:

  • Engage stakeholders
    Links between stakeholders are better understood, consciously developed and effectively promoted. 

  • Promote mental health in Canada
    The importance of mental health and the impact of mental illness are nationally recognized, and stakeholders are supported as they engage in the exchange of innovative ideas and practices.

  • Enable ongoing improvements to services and supports
    The resources available to those living with mental illness, and to their network of support, are enhanced through the promotion of successful initiatives and the creation and support of opportunities to collaborate and share experiences and expertise.

 The research category recognizes projects that have developed innovative approaches to research and that provide practical guidance for those who work in the mental health field and people with lived experience.