Jesse grew up in London, Ontario and went to college in Toronto in 1999 where he fell ill with a psychosis in 2002.  It was sudden and unexpected and was very confusing and upsetting for his family and friends.  Jesse has since gone on to work as a Recovery Support Worker at the PEPP clinic in London, helping clients work through issues they may be having during their recovery, as well as speaking about his experiences with student nurses and with families who have recently had a loved one fall ill. Jesse is excited to be apart of this project and hopes the research will uncover important data with relation to a link between cannabis and psychosis.


My name is Jeff Cogswell.  I am twenty-four years old and currently reside in London, Ontario. My hometown is Dalhousie, New Brunswick. I am an avid writer of short stories and have completed one novel. My favorite color is green. My first childhood memory is of a truck.

Hi I'm Lee Mansfield I'm 31 years old, from West Paradise, Nova Scotia. I have competed and taught Martial Art's since age 14.  I like all types of music, write poetry, I also write music (hiphop), and perform music in bars in Halifax. I have been diagnosed with psychosis, I been taking medication since age 27 approximately.  I run 100 meter sprints, and play ball hockey to stay in shape.  I also have my Martial Art business and am working in Immigration part time.  I plan to attend Eastern College in September to take a Child and Youth course to be a youth counsellor.  I have been around and I think with my knowledge of the streets and the corporate world, along with my personal skills, this field of work will be great for me.  If I help one youth I will be happy. But hopefully I can motivate and inspire many.

My name is Andrew. I'm 27 years of age and have been a part of PEPP for 8 years.  I enjoy helping other people and really like to be a part of something that helps others.  I've been Volunteering for the past 3 years doing the Art group once or twice a month. Some accomplishments that i have completed would be..... Getting my grade 12 done & Getting my driver's licence and finally creating Art.  In the near future I would like to be an Art therapist, as well as becoming a well known artist.


Hello, my name is Amber. I'm 26 and have been diagnosed with psychosis since i was 21. I enjoy reading, cooking ,writing, painting and singing. I also love animals very much. I also enjoy helping others with whatever problems they may have. I try to enjoy my life to the fullest (which is sometimes difficult due to my illness). But am usually known to make others smile and laugh without effort.

Erica Joseph was born in London, Ontario in 1983. She graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in music and is working as a music school coordinator. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder Type II in 2008 and has been on medication since then. She has found that her medication, along with supportive relationships with her boyfriend, family, social worker and psychiatrist have helped her to remain stable. Her future plans include completing a second degree in psychology and continuing to work on her music.