Advisory Team

This project would not be be possible without the support of the Project Advisory Panel, a  group of volunteers which is helping to guide every aspect of this project. Representing different regions of Canada and different types of expertise, the panel members include:

Dr Stan Kutcher, Sun Life Chair in Adolescent Mental Health, Dalhousie University

Dr. Phil Tibbo, Dr. Paul Janssen Chair in Psychotic Disorders, Dalhousie University

Amy Nash, Youth Liaison Worker, Atlantic Early Intervention in Psychosis Clinic, Halifax.

Dr. Katherine Boydell, Health Systems Research Scientist, Community Health Systems Resource Group, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

Dr. Ross Norman, Research Director, Dept. of Psychiatry, UNiversity of Western Ontario

Deborah Windell, Research Coordinator, London PEPP Program

Dr. David Ericson, Clinical Psychologist, Fraser North Early Psychosis Program

Dr. Chris Summerville, CEO Schizophrenia Society of Canada

Pytor Hodgson, Centre for Excellence in Youth Engagement

Natalie Alex Baker, Clinical Research Specialist, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto.