"Messing with Heads: New Research into the long-term effects of Cannabis" is an Australian video report on schizophrenia and cannabis. To play the video go to the following link and then click on "Play" button to view any of the 6 different sections of the video report.
Researcher Dr. Murray talks about Cannabis and Pyschosis . He explains "It is just an additional environmental trigger for someone who already has a predisposition to developing mental illness"
McGill psychiatrist Dr. Faridi shares some information about his study on cannabis and psychosis. He explains that 40% of users will stop in the first 12 months of recovery and that individuals who continue to use tend to relapse.
A voice from the general public. A "non-expert" opinion (i.e. a random kid) on all the articles he has been reading about cannabis and psychosis.
Australian television episode "Catalyst: Marijuana Madness" Part 1
Australian television episode "Catalyst: Marijuana Madness" Part 2
Canadian television episode "The Nature of Things: The Downside of High"

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