The Facts

What do we know about the link between cannabis and psychosis?

Research has shown that cannabis use impacts psychosis. Psychosis is a break with reality characterized by hallucinations, false beliefs (delusions), impaired thinking and lack of motivation.

Cannabis use can cause a temporary psychotic episode in some people. You may know someone who has had a bad trip.

Unfortunately, we now know that those who have had a bad trip on cannabis are at high risk for developing a psychotic disorder, which is a chronic condition such as schizophrenia.

Regular cannabis use impacts the development of a chronic life-long psychotic disorder in at risk individuals and is associated with an earlier age of onset of psychosis. However, there is currently no way to identify who is at risk of developing psychosis with cannabis use.

The final way that cannabis use is associated with psychosis is that it prevents recovery in individuals already diagnosed with a psychotic disorder.