April 29th – 6pm EDT Join Us!

As the eighth event of our “Ask the Expert” series, we will be having a live panel with Fernanda Perez-Gay Juarez, Violaine Panasci, Stanislas Elvira-Martin, Coco Wang and Laura Bernal to discuss International Perspectives on Cannabis – co-hosted by our friends at VoxCann.

Cannabis exists in almost every corner of the world and with that comes a multitude of different histories, cultures, and perspectives. In this first session of the two-part series “International Perspectives on Cannabis,” we will be speaking with experts from different geographical backgrounds to share their experience, knowledge, and understanding on the position of cannabis socially, culturally, and politically.

Ask the Expert is a monthly Facebook Livestream where we find reputable sources to provide evidence based answers to your questions, live!
Join us for our eighth session, at 6pm EDT on April 29th and leave a comment with your question for our panel.
See you on April 29th!

The Exploring the Link Team

Link to event: https://www.facebook.com/events/367649674531976/