December 2nd – 7pm EDT Join US!

As the sixth event of our “Ask the Expert” monthly series, we will be having a live discussion with members of our Youth Action Committee (YAC) to reflect on what we learned and accomplished over the past year and what the future may hold.

At Exploring the Link, we recognize that people have a lot of questions around cannabis and psychosis, and that sometimes the answers we’re looking for are hard to find, or may come from questionable sources.

Because of this, we have created a way for you to interact with leading experts in the fields of mental health, addictions, cannabis, harm reduction, and psychosis through our new Ask the Expert series. Ask the Expert will be a monthly Facebook Livestream where we find reputable sources to provide evidence based answers to your questions, live!

Join us for our sixth session, at 7pm EDT on December 2nd and leave a comment with your question for our panel.

See you on December 2nd!

The Exploring the Link Team