This is what smoke free looks like to me.
I can appreciate the beauty, the nature.
I feel grounded and gives me a sense of equanimity.
Also makes me think there is more out there.
A point for quitting and a purpose for my life!
I have known struggles and to accept struggles as part of myself –
To be perfect.
But, even nature is imperfect.
Some layers appear peaceful, the sky is perfect no matter where I look in the sky.
Yet, I know that nature has its own struggles.
I can step off the railing and into the sky.
I could get sucked up in the turbulence –
then if I ride the turbulence –
I float along beyond the rapids and find my freedom – not addiction!
That is the other side of addiction.
I can visualize my commitment to myself and to stay true to what I want to do.


The sun is shining, the trees are preparing to bloom.
The bay represents life/the sky is blue, there are trees in the distance that signify health and always trying to reach a goal.
This is what quitting smoking looks like!
The dirt road signifies grounding and a symbol to keep feet out of the mud, to not stay stuck!
The path leads to belonging.
I am reminded of the thousands of dollars I have spent on tobacco and cannabis –
which has stood in the way of belonging to anything like this.

Leif Harris